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Behavior Support

Devona Sibley


I am Devona Sandifer Sibley and it is such a privilege to serve as the
disciplinarian for O.W. Dillon Leadership Academy. It is truly a blessing
t-o work in the community where I was raised up in. I have been
working for Tangipahoa Parish School System for 13 years. My
certifications include a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s
degree in Curriculum and Instruction both from University of Phoenix. By
working together we can ensure the success of our students inside and
outside of the classroom. I can be reached at the school Monday-
Friday at 985-229-8225 or anytime by email at

“True discipline comes from the belief that teaching students to take
responsibility for their behavior is more important than simply
administering rules. Each child should be responsible for his or her own
behavior choices.”

Contact Information

Phone: 985-229-8225